Easter Surprise

Before the end of April, pick up our entire suite of products for an unbelievable price. With more than 40% savings, now is the perfect time to discover the great sound and outstanding workflow of New Sonic Arts.

What you get

Granite is the truly unique sound engine that teleports you deep into new sonic territory. Get ready to enter a world of evolving textures, haunting atmospheres and shifting soundscapes - from warped and twisted textures, to beautiful shimmering pads. As Granite users all over the world will testify: Granite never fails to inspire, and granular synthesis has never been so musical, immediate, nor easy to use.


Nuance is the powerful sampler that you will love to plug-in again and again. With its compact and cleverly laid out interface, Nuance gets you straight into the creative flow. And with the extensive modulation possibilities, modular FX and full-blown map editor, the depth and power to build advanced instruments is waiting to be explored.


Granite Aura is the ultimate upgrade for Granite: 150 stunning sounds, including over 120 unique sample recordings, all meticulously prepared and tweaked by sound design experts Ameyah Audio. Boasting a huge variety of patches from sublime pads, through thunderous soundscapes to haunting alien-like voices, Granite Aura is the perfect sonic expansion for film composers, game designers and musicians looking for a creative edge.

Granite Aura