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At New Sonic Arts, our mission is to define a new standard in audio software. That means the best possible sound algorithms combined with inspiring, next-generation user interfaces.

We believe that you - the modern producer in the digital age - have a completely new set of expectations and demands from the musicians and engineers of the past. That is why we have painstakingly engineered all of our systems and technologies from the ground-up, to deliver not only the highest standards in reliability and performance, but also a fluid user experience and workflow on top.

Our goal is to provide you with tools that get you straight into the creative flow. We believe that making music should an immersive experience, free from the distractions and interruptions that technology can sometimes impose. As far as we are concerned, making music should just be fun. That is the design philosophy behind all our products.

We appreciate your support, and are delighted to have you on board with us!

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