New Sonic Suite

The Creative Sampling Solution

Apple Silicon | Intel 64bit

10.13 or above

Standalone | AU | VST

Vista or above

Standalone | VST

32bit | 64bit

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Discover Creative Sampling

New Sonic Suite is the one-stop-solution for all your sampling needs, combining pristine sound quality with unprecedented ease-of-use and workflow.

Pick it up now and discover the art of creative sampling, while saving over 35% compared to the regular price.

Granite | Nuance | Vice


Granite is the truly unique sound engine ready to teleport you deep into new sonic territory.

Discover a world of evolving textures, haunting atmospheres and shifting soundscapes - from warped and twisted timbres, to beautiful shimmering pads. As users all over the world will testify, Granite never fails to inspire, and granular synthesis has never been so musical, immediate, or easy to use.

Nuance is the compact, yet powerful sampler that you will love to plug-in again and again.

Equally capable as both an instrument and drum sampler, Nuance has all your essential sampling needs covered. The stunning OpenGL powered interface gets you straight into the creative flow, yet with extensive modulation possibilities, modular FX, full-blown map editor and unlimited parameter groups, the power for advanced sound design and instrument construction is waiting to be explored.

Vice is the inspiring loop sampler that will transform the way you work with loops and phrases.

Simply drop in a loop to immediately sync it to your host, or instantly map the individual slices across your MIDI keyboard. Then delve a little deeper to discover a wealth of loop-sculpting features such as per-slice envelopes, FX and modulation routing. Whether you need to subtly tweak a groove, or totally transform a loop into new material, Vice is the tool you are looking for.