Nuance Essential Drums

Volume 1

The definitive drum collection Part 1

Boasting 1200 meticulously crafted 24bit stereo samples and 75 production-ready kits, Essential Drums Volume 1 is the perfect percussive expansion for Nuance.

Requires Nuance


In Detail

Expertly prepared by percussion gurus Uppercussion, the collection ranges from pristine acoustic recordings to heavily-processed electro-acoustic sounds. Packing plenty of punch, the volume brims with hard-hitting kicks, cracking snares and claps, sizzling cymbals and hats, powerful toms and percussion and a wide variety of melodic, ambient, complex and experimental sounds.


Acoustic Kits

The perfect starting point for any genre, these kits consist of sparkling “clean" drum sounds, all expertly recorded at the highest fidelity.

Spacious Kits

These kits take a more ambient flavour, with many sounds recorded in large rooms and spaces, before being further carefully treated and processed.

RnB Kits

Great not only for RnB tracks but a wide related and Urban genres.

Destructive Kits

Even acoustic kits can have a dark side if properly motivated... these kits will add a biting edge to your productions.

All kits use a consistent layout for instant on-the-fly exchange via the Nuance browser, allowing you to effortlessly dial in your perfect beat. Furthermore, all 1200 samples are conveniently organised by category for easy mix-and-match of the individual drum sounds. When combined with Nuance's powerful FX and modulation features, the creative possibilities for custom kit design are effectively limitless.

Also available: Volume 2

The .SNDPAK Format

The .sndpak file format is an advanced container technology developed by New Sonic Arts. Specifically engineered for ultra-fast installation and optimised loading times, SoundPacks are installed simply by drag-drop onto Nuance's UI. After installation, the contents are ready to browse via the browser and preset-menu.

Soundpacks can also be used in demo mode before purchase, so feel free to try before you buy!

SoundPack Installation