Freestyle Suite

Freestyle | All Engines

Apple Silicon | Intel 64bit

10.13 or above

Standalone | AU | VST3 | VST2


Vista or above

Standalone | VST3 | VST2


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Total Integration

Not just another bundle, Freestyle Suite is our flagship product, a seamless environment where host and plugins meld together for an unrivaled workflow and engaging user experience. From their very inception, Granite, Nuance and Vice have been designed as Freestyle components, and our entire technology stack has been engineered from the ground up to deliver this unique modular system.

Freestyle's open architecture and modular design offers a highly versatile platform which no producer should be without, whether you are searching for new sound-design possibilities, a better way to perform live, or simply a faster, more satisfying way to work with your VST collection.


Freestyle offers a fresh approach to plugin hosting. Forget fiddly menus, and unnecessary constraints such as tracks, busses and inserts, Freestyle provides an open canvas for you to work freely with your favourite instruments and effects.

Quickly build splits, layers and FX chains in the Rack View, or dive into the Structure View for endless routing possibilities, frequency splitting and crossfading.

Run as either a standalone for live performance, or a VST/AU to boost your DAW with flexibilty and inspiration.

Learn more about Freestyle or try the demo.

Granite is the truly unique sound engine ready to teleport you deep into new sonic territory.

Discover a world of evolving textures, haunting atmospheres and shifting soundscapes - from warped and twisted timbres, to beautiful shimmering pads. As users all over the world will testify, Granite never fails to inspire, and granular synthesis has never been so musical, immediate, or easy to use.

Nuance is the compact, yet powerful sampler that you will love to plug-in again and again.

Equally capable as both an instrument and drum sampler, Nuance has all your essential sampling needs covered. The stunning OpenGL powered interface gets you straight into the creative flow, yet with extensive modulation possibilities, modular FX, full-blown map editor and unlimited parameter groups, the power for advanced sound design and instrument construction is waiting to be explored.

Vice is the inspiring loop sampler that will transform the way you work with loops and phrases.

Simply drop in a loop to immediately sync it to your host, or instantly map the individual slices across your MIDI keyboard. Then delve a little deeper to discover a wealth of loop-sculpting features such as per-slice envelopes, FX and modulation routing. Whether you need to subtly tweak a groove, or totally transform a loop into new material, Vice is the tool you are looking for.