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10.13 or above

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Vista or above

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Next Generation Granular Synthesis

Enter a world of evolving textures, haunting atmospheres and infinite soundscapes.

Granite's unique sound engine melds a state-of-the-art granular processor, an innovative modulation system and a suite of per-grain FX. The result is a degree of musicality not achieved before with granular synthesis.

The compact user interface takes full advantage of GPU acceleration for a unique, immersive audio-visual experience, and the intuitive workflow makes working with Granite's powerful engine a breeze.

Granite users include musicians, soundtrack composers and game designers. Try the demo today and find out why.




Artists & Press

Sascha Dikiciyan

"Granite is my go to granular sampler. I've used it in the score for Tron Evolution, Mass Effect 3 plus several new upcoming projects. It's pure fun to use and gives instant results. The automation workflow is sheer genius."

Sascha's credits include Mass Effect 3, Tron Evolution, the Quake series, Space Marine and Protoype.

Sascha Dikiciyan

Rod Abernethy

"I've tried most granular plugins and Granite is exactly what I've been looking for, I'm sure it's going to be in every score I do from now on."

Rod's credits include Rage, Madagascar 3 and Monday Night Football.

Rod Abernethy


Decemeber 2018

"[Granite] creates exciting experimental sounds, from raw and metallic to drones and textures..."

"In no time at all, samples are transformed to richly dynamic soundscapes and atmospheres that can immediately serve as backdrops for thrillers, science fiction or horror films, or find a home in ambient music."

"Compared to other Granular synthesizers... Granite convinces above all sonically."

Keys, Decemeber 2018

Sound On Sound

May 2011

"What really sets Granite apart from the competition... is its ability to automate movements of the rotary grain or effect controls, and even the loop position... This allows you to build up very complex, yet organic, sounds..."

"Granite's engine has obviously been tailored to encourage very musical results... It's amazing what you can extract from well-known WAV files."

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Sound On Sound, May 2011

What's New

Version 1.5

Granite 1.5 extends the filter section with two new Filter Modes for enhanced sound sculpting options.

Browser Audition Volume has also been added due to popular request.

The update also features various other optimisations and workflow improvements.

New Filter Modes

Version 1.4

Granite 1.4 adds a new Random Cycle mode for non-repeating modulations, such as subtle position drift or chaotic FX movements.

Init Patch Configuration allows customisation of Granite's default state, including the Gate mode option.

MIDI PitchBend Support is now added for greater realtime control and expressiveness.

Random Cycle Mode