About Us

At New Sonic Arts, our mission is to define a new standard in audio software. That means the best possible sound algorithms combined with inspiring, next-generation user interfaces.

We believe that you - the modern producer in the digital age - have a completely new set of expectations and demands from the musicians and engineers of the past. That is why we have painstakingly engineered all of our systems and technologies from the ground-up, to deliver not only the highest standards in reliability and performance, but also an engaging and immersive user experience on top.

Contact us at info@newsonicarts.com for general inquiries.

Contact us at support@newsonicarts.com for technical support.

Terms & Conditions

Our standard software licences are "single-user".

This allows installation on multiple computers, provided only one user uses the licence at any one time.

Licence transfers are possible but will incur an admin fee of 10 EUR. The transferee will receive a new full licence and serial number. The original licence will be deleted from our registration database.

Please contact support@newsonicarts.com to request a transfer.

Full versions of our software must be activated before use. The process is fully automated with instant response.

Users with an internet connection can activate in one simple step by entering their serial number.

Users without an internet connection can activate via logging into www.newsonicarts.com/userarea via another computer.

Educational Discounts

New Sonic Arts is keen to build partnerships with educational institutions, and offers significant discounts on purchases of 10 or more licences.

Contact sales@newsonicarts.com for more details.