The Loop Slicer

Apple Silicon | Intel 64bit

10.13 or above

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Vista or above

Standalone | VST3 | VST2


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Slice & Dice

Rediscover your Loops

Quickly find, preview and hot-swap loops via the integrated browser, and slice them in an instant with the advanced transient-detection algorithm. Sync perfectly with your DAW via the beat-locked Play Mode or trigger slices on-the-fly via your MIDI controller.

Create new loops from old by re-sequencing them direct in your DAWs piano-roll, and bounce and export the entire loop - or individual slices - via the convenient drag-and-drop export feature.

Rediscover your Loops
Perfect every slice

Perfect every slice

Want to get deeper? Then delve into Vice's extensive FX and modulation capabilities, including 4 x FX slots per-slice. Route out slices to your DAW mixer via multiple outputs, and automate or MIDI assign virtually any parameter of any slice via the Assignment Manager.

With a perfect combination of workflow and sound-quality, Vice will soon become your go-to tool for working with loops.




Artists & Press

Frank 'QuickMix' Hassas

"Vice is the best slicer plugin I have used in my 25-year music career."

"Fast, easy to use, user-friendly and with an elegant modern design (which fits perfectly with Logic Pro X)."

Frank's extensive production credits include Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg and Saigon.


Sounds & Gear

Feb 2015

"What I dig about the design is how clean it is, how smooth the visuals are... how powerful it is without being overly complex."

"...a super quick and powerful way to mangle up your loops and breaks."

What's New

Version 2.0

Vice 2.0 is a major update featuring various workflow and engine enhancements.

Click here to learn more about the new features.


Version 1.4

Vice 1.4 features a refreshed UI, a range of workflow enhancements, and improved preset and audio export handling.

Enhanced Export

Version 1.265

Vice 1.265 includes the option to non-destructively trim your loops, as well as Retina / HD support, taking Vice's OpenGL powered waveform display to a new-level of clarity and detail.

Loop Trimming