User Account Privacy Policy

A User Area account is required to store and manage your licences for your New Sonic Arts products.

A User Area account is created automatically when you purchase a product from us. You may also create one manually beforehand here.

We never share any data from your user account with any 3rd parties.

1. What data is stored?

1.1. Basic Account Information

  • Your Name
  • Your Email address
  • A hash of your password
  • Your country (used for localisation)
  • A timestamp of the account creation date and your last login (used to identify dead accounts)
  • <

1.2. Licences and Activation Data

The licence keys for any purchased products are stored with your account.

When you activate a licence (by entering your licence code in the in-app Activation Dialog), we also store the following information:

  • A numeric identifier generated to represent your machine
  • A numeric identifier generated from your IP address

While we allow you to install and activate on multiple machines (for example your desktop and laptop), this data allows our copy protection scheme to identify abuse, such as sharing of licence codes with other users.

1.3. Purchase Data

The time, date, currency and value of any purchases made are stored with your account. This is used for financial accounting purposes, but also to offer you customised upgrades and special offers.

1.4. Email Notification Preferences

In the User Area, you can choose whether you wish to receive product update and news emails from us.

By default, notifications are enabled. By accepting these terms you agree to receive such email notifications.

1.5. Additional Data

If you participate in the Feature Ballot Box, this data is also stored on our servers and associated with your User Area account.

If you login to your User Account from an app, system environment and usage metrics will be collected and stored (see Section 2).

2. In-App Cloud Services

You may optionally login to your User Account from our apps to access cloud-based features such as Auto-Activation, the PatchCloud preset browser and access to evaluation/beta-features.

The usage of such cloud-services is strictly optional. In-app login is not required for general usage.

In the case that you chose to login, additional system environment data (such as operating system version, plugin host name, and plugin format) and usage metrics will be submitted periodically. This data is collected solely for the purpose of optimising and improving our products.

The use of beta/evaluation features is optional and strictly at your own risk, and without technical support.

See the in-app login dialog for further details. You will be asked to Agree to the terms as part of the login process.

3. Account Deletion

Provided your account does not hold any licences/serials, you can manually delete your account and all associated data by clicking Delete Account in the User Area.

If you wish to revoke and delete your licences, please contact us.