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Nuance 2.0 is out now!

Watch the video and learn about the new features.

Sampling Power Effortless Workflow

The Modern Sampler Defined

Finally, a sampler designed the way you want it. Fast workflow, pristine sound, ultra-low CPU usage... and no bloat.

Proudly standing out from the crowd of complex and cumbersome samplers, Nuance's streamlined and intuitive approach will boost your productivity and inspire you to create new sounds - fast.

The Modern Sampler Defined
The Instrument <u>and</u> Drum Sampler

The Instrument and Drum Sampler

Nuance excels as both an instrument and drum sampler, providing an all-in-one solution for your sampling needs.

For drums, simply pop open the Pad View. Kits can be quickly constructed via drag and drop, and with multiple layers per-pad, its easy to sculpt floor-shaking kicks and mix-piercing snares.

Simplicity With Power

Despite Nuance's streamlined interface, a rich-feature set is at hand to create high-fidelity, expressive patches.

Switch to the Mapping View to build realistic multi-sampled instruments. Sculpt rich, layered sounds with unlimited Parameter Groups, and infuse your patches with dynamic articulation via the powerful Modulation Matrix.

Simplicity With Power




Artists & Press

Andras Vleminckx


"I've been waiting for years for a plugin like Nuance, its made my workflow so much faster and easier. Now I can finally program my drums in my DAW in a quick and effective way."

"I use Nuance many times in each project, its so stable and light on CPU."

Andras is an established Belgian producer who produces for artists such as Taio Cruz, Kat Deluna and Tara McDonald.

Andras Vleminckx

Computer Music

May 2013

"Nuance sounds great, with the filter packing plenty of bite and the modulation system inspiring all manner of crazy sample-mangling japery...."

"Nuance more than lives up to its joyous promise of being quick, capable and fun."

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Computer Music, May 2013

What's New

Version 2.0

Nuance 2.0 is a major update featuring various workflow and engine enhancements.

Watch the video and learn about the new features .

Version 1.7

Nuance now features our cloud-synchronised PatchCloud browser.

All Factory Content and official expansion SoundPacks are fully tagged and organised in the PatchCloud browser, ready to browse. SoundPacks can now be downloaded and installed direct within Nuance.