Granite Horror

The Dark Side of Granular

150 Chilling New Sounds

Discover the dark side of granular synthesis with Granite Horror.

Strictly not for the faint-of-heart, this stunning collection offers a thrill-ride through desolate landscapes, rising graveyards and close encounters, through to entrancing soundscapes of temptation and redemption.

Requires Granite


In Detail

Expertly crafted by renowned sound-design gurus Ameyah Audio, Granite Horror boasts 150 unique patches pushing the Granite engine, and tension levels, to the max. With over 140 original samples ranging from natural field recordings to highly-processed synthetic textures, the collection spans a wide range of inspiring sounds, from haunting atmospheres, dystopian soundscapes and creepy FX, to angelic pads and soothing ambience. Granite Horror is the ideal expansion for musicians, composers and sound-designers looking for a distinctive edge.

All sounds come production-ready out-of-the-box, and will effortlessly weave into your compositions. Combined with the transformative power of Granite's sound-engine, Granite Horror provides a rich sonic toolbox, brimming with inspiration and creative potential.

Ameyah Audio

The .SNDPAK Format

The .sndpak file format is an advanced container technology developed by New Sonic Arts. Specifically engineered for ultra-fast installation and optimised loading times, SoundPacks are installed simply by drag-drop onto Granite's UI. After installation, the contents are ready to browse via the browser and preset-menu.

Soundpacks can also be used in demo mode before purchase, so feel free to try before you buy!

SoundPack Installation